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Listen – One tip on Acting

The great Laurence Olivier was asked in a radio interview if he could leave listeners, with a tip on acting. He said he could, he would in one word: “listen!” I have told my cast before they go on stage on opening night Continue reading



A powerful performance always leaves an everlasting impression. It lingers on and resides in you longer than any motion picture. An experience which whenever recalled still gives you goosebumps! Ever thought about the mortals who create such experiences. The perseverance and passion they possess to constantly nurture talent and create phenomenal drama. Arundathi Raja and … Continue reading

A chief Guest

Of desultory applause and ‘lawful’ suspense! The scene is straight out of an incident that happened a few days ago. I reluctantly agree to be the Chief Guest at a function related to theatre. A taxi comes to take me to the other end of the city. It is obviously a long journey. I am … Continue reading

Of Stars in the Sky in my Mind’s Eye

Over 25 years ago, (it was 1989), I was met by the Director of The Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium who asked if I would record the English commentary for the first programme to be projected in the sky dome. I’ve done it ever since. Today, 17/01/17, I was driven in from Whitefield by an Ola driver … Continue reading

‘Every art form has a heartbeat of its own’

Rukmini Vijayakumar from Bengaluru is an accomplished Bharatanatyam dancer and also a savvy modern and ballet dancer. She occasionally lights up the big screen with her acting stints too. She was in Hyderabad for ‘Gudi Sambaraalu’, the Telangana Temple Festival recently organised by the Telangana Heritage Trust. Rukmini along with members of her dance troupe … Continue reading

Acting out science

“There is an art to science,” said Isaac Asimov, “And a science in art; the two aren’t enemies, but different aspects of the whole.” This has been borne out in theatre in Bengaluru. This year, Gautam Raja’s The Vaidya’s Oath, on antimicrobial resistance, and Nilanjan Choudhury’s The Square Root of a Sonnet, on the life … Continue reading

The Stage Set for Design

“Well, doesn’t the audience know that it’s a live performance and there are going to be changes in the scene that won’t happen with the snap of a finger like they’re watching TV or a video? Read More Continue reading

On Wings of Song!

Strains of memories… Aruna Sunderlal came to Jagriti Farm sometime in the 80s along with her husband Raj. A friend wanted Arundhati and me to welcome the newly arrived pair to Bangalore. To our great surprise, Aruna eased into song and filled our home with the most beautiful operatic mezzo soprano that I have ever heard!  … Continue reading

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Last weekend was a big one for us! . Our most loved show for Children- Panchatantra Retold turned 40 shows old. . With this, the maker of the show @rebecca.spurgeon and her cast @meetmojo @b_the_bee @shlokmenon and Swetanshu Bora, bid farewell to this version of the show and closed their run. . Here are some shots by @meetmojo @arundhatiraja and @lakirajan taken during our last ever weekend of Panchatantra Retold... Three stories with a Twist. . . . . . . . . #theatre #play #drama #stage #performer #actors #igers #igersbangalore #indianigers #ig_captures #potd #instagood #bangalorediaries #bangalore #actors #actorlife #backstage #lightingdesign #stagedesign #theatreforkids #childrenstheatre #panchatantra #tales #india
Here it is, Ladies and Gents. Our line up for INTERRUPT. . #interrupt is a chance for us to meet artists and experience work that has prompted conversations of Space, Identity, Power and Choice. The scope of the work presented at the Festival is diverse - some of this work has been created as a reaction, some have chosen to explore this as frameworks and all are important, in their diverse starting points and journeys to acknowledge and engage with. . This year, in it's first edition, Interrupt will focus on Claiming Space - being safe, being seen, being heard, accessing physical space & opportunity, being relevant and allowed choice irrespective of Gender Identity. The work presented at this Festival has been created by artists with great courage, and while the content of each work at the festival is powerful, beautiful and unique, Interrupt chooses first to celebrate the artist and their choice to say what they do. . Tickets are now available on BookMyShow: . . . . . . . . #interrupt #festival #women #gender #lgbtq #performanceart #performer #art #supportthearts
We've been working on an exciting little collaboration with our friends at @taaqademy and @thermalandaquarter to 'Make (more) Space for Music!' . Super excited to bring to you- 'Taaqademy at the Theatre' . Beginning with a music festival last year, Jagriti Theatre is now on the map for music. Huzzah! Now there's a formal, dedicated space (no F&B, no yakety-yak, just a focused, listening audience) for music. . 'Taaqademy at the Theater' will bring some of the city's finest student, amateur and professional talent from Bangalore's favourite music school to this gracious and dignified venue. Choirs, Acapella, Bands, Solos, Duos - expect a veritable smorgasbord of musical variety, enjoyable without distraction! . Come 15 Feb, make your way down ours, for what promises to be the beginning of a series of classy concerts. . Link to tickets: . . . . . . . #music #concert #intimateconcert
Come, experience songs and ragas that blend with the freshness and newness of the Morning. . We present our new series of Sunday morning outdoor concerts at Lumbini . We start our series on Sunday, the 17th with @bindhumalini and her deeply soulful rendition of Classical music and songs of the Mystics. . Sunday | Feb 17 | 7:30am Tickets at: . . . . . . #indianclassical #indianclassicalmusic #outdoorconcert #raaga #morning #unplugged #whitefield #whitefieldbangalore
Very excited to announce Interrupt- The first edition of Jagriti’s festival on Women and Gender. . This year, the festival will focus on Claiming Space. . The work that we have selected to show at the Festival are responses to how women and members of the LGBTQ community have historically fought to claim space - as bodies, as identities, as choices made in a supposed equal society. . 01 to 10 March, 2019 . Watch this space for updates. . . . . . . #interrupt #festival #women #gender #lgbtq #performanceart #performer #art #supportthearts
January 1, 2019: A landmark moment for Jagriti. . Rebecca Spurgeon appointed as Artistic Director of Jagriti . Arundhati and Jagdish Raja, Founders of Jagriti, announced at the 8th birthday celebration on Sunday, 13 January that Rebecca Spurgeon has taken over as Artistic Director from Arundhati Raja. . On the handing over, @arundhatiraja said, "Rebecca has been with Jagriti from its inception. Having worked closely with both Jagdish and I for eight years, she has an understanding of Jagriti's vision but more importantly she has a finger on the pulse of the changing face of the performing arts nationally and globally. We are confident that she will take Jagriti forward into the next decade, as a vibrant and aspirational performance space." . @rebecca.spurgeon is currently Executive Producer at JAGRITI and heads the Theatre Arts Programme that offers training in Drama and prepares candidates for the Trinity College London assessments in Drama/Performance Arts and Communication Skills.

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