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Listen – One tip on Acting

The great Laurence Olivier was asked in a radio interview if he could leave listeners, with a tip on acting. He said he could, he would in one word: “listen!” I have told my cast before they go on stage on opening night Continue reading



I have had enough. This brutalisation has to be brooked. This kind of carnage cannot continue. Why do we commit, collude, conspire and then condone the crucifixion of the English language? Before anyone of you accuses me of cosying up to our erstwhile masters – brutal and marauding they may have been – let me … Continue reading


A powerful performance always leaves an everlasting impression. It lingers on and resides in you longer than any motion picture. An experience which whenever recalled still gives you goosebumps! Ever thought about the mortals who create such experiences. The perseverance and passion they possess to constantly nurture talent and create phenomenal drama. Arundathi Raja and … Continue reading

Cardamom, back by popular demand!

We have had another FOUR houseful shows of Hasnain Shaikh’s CARDAMOM to an audience of about 1600 people, a good 1,400 of whom, would have been a first time audience. This is remarkable! More so that Hasnain wrote, directed and acted in it…trebly remarkable!! CARDAMOM is about an impending marriage, and I use the word as it should … Continue reading

Snapshots of Fervid Sunrise – A review

The world premiere of “Snapshots of a Fervid Sunrise”, a play by Mahesh Dattani produced by Crea-Shakthi and directed by Dushyanth Gunashekar is about two of our very young Freedom Fighters, Khudiram Bose (3 December 1889 – 11 August 1908) and Thillayaadi Velliamai (22 February 1898 – 22 February 1914). Khudiram, threw a bomb at … Continue reading

Trinity & Jagriti

This CERTIFICATE is a DISTINCTIVE Passport to anywhere. Attach it to your CV and doors to the English speaking will fling open. It means you can speak, listen and understand English to a world standard. We have had visiting examiners from Trinity College London for 16 years (since 2000) examining more than 3,000 students. We … Continue reading

David Scott – One Night Only

I have just sat listening to a most engaging, informal, funny, observant, David Scott talk us through a mosaic of his brushes with life, living, family, experiences for 100 minutes. It flashed past in a trice. What we need to applaud, not only here in Bangalore, India but around the world, is how a performer … Continue reading

Musings From a Well-Heeled Theatre Person But a First Time META Selection Committee Member!

However diverse our culture, our theatre draws from two basic premises, one between two to three thousand years old, Natya Sashtra.  The other being 200 years old, the Western theatre form that emerged in the salons of the British colonials introducing proscenium theatre and giving urban theatre a voice. Our iconic Parsi Theatre then took … Continue reading

A chief Guest

Of desultory applause and ‘lawful’ suspense! The scene is straight out of an incident that happened a few days ago. I reluctantly agree to be the Chief Guest at a function related to theatre. A taxi comes to take me to the other end of the city. It is obviously a long journey. I am … Continue reading

Blithe Spirit

  Menon, Dimpy.  Blithe Spirit. 2017. Bronze Sculpture. Jagriti Artist’s Note Blithe Spirit embodies the joy of performance. The sculpture can be viewed from various levels, from above and below, as one enters the foyer. It uses the entire space as its stage. The suspended figure expresses a myriad of emotions and an attitude of owning … Continue reading

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8 of 30: Death and the Maiden . Written by Ariel Dorfman Directed by Ashish Sen . Featuring Arundhati Raja, Jagdish Raja and Salmin Sheriff . A woman awaits the return of her husband as the sun goes down. The dictatorship that plagued her land has just fallen, and everything is uncertain. The woman is full of fear, gripped by a secret terror that she shares only with the man she loves. During the night and the day that follows she will have to confront that fear, she will have to bring justice in her living room….. . Ariel Dorfman’s Death and The Maiden traverses the personal and the political, powerfully cutting across geographical and cultural divides. Inspired by Chile and Argentina in the 1970s and 80s, its drama finds resonance in many parts of the world--in Syria, Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Iran etc. . . . . . . . . . . #throwback #flashbackfriday #flashback #bangalore #india #theatre #theatrelife #theatrekid #stage #productionhouse
7 of 30: One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest Aug 2012 . Written by Dale Wasserman Directed by @arundhatiraja . One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, which launched Artiste’s Repertory Theatre (ART) in 1982, returned to Chowdiah Memorial Hall as part of The Hindu MetroPlus Theatre Fest in August 2012 . Featuring Sai Krishna, Jimmy Xavier, Veena Sajnani, Rebecca Spurgeon, Roy Sinai, Anshul Pathak, Noel Manasseh, Sanjay Iyer, Arjuna Shankar, Rajeev Ravindranathan, Nakul Bhalla, Ajith Hande and Polina Schapova . Stage manager: Rituparna Bhattacharya Set designer: Shubhra Nayar Lighting designer: Gautam Raja Assistant SM: Renzin Khan . Originally a novel by Ken Kesey, Cuckoo's captured the radical and anti-establishment mood of the 1960s. Tyrannical Nurse Ratched rules her psychiatric ward with an iron fist and a penchant for electroshock therapy. Into her ordered domain enters the boisterous Randle P. McMurphy, intent on disruption and showing the other patients a good time. A titanic battle of wills emerges. The play was written in 1963, one year after the novel was published, and this funny yet poignant drama explores the boundaries between conformity and individuality, sanity and madness with devastating effect. . Arundhati Raja directed the original production and is at the helm in 2012 as well. She says, “Directing it again 30 years later, it has been a different journey. I see how my experience and learning curve over the years has changed my directorial approach. The play lends itself to overt comedy, but I hope to have eked out more sensitive performances from my actors.” . . . . . . . . . #throwback #flashbackfriday #flashback #bangalore #india #theatre #theatrelife #theatrekid #stage #productionhouse
6 of 30: The Dreams of Tipu Sultan . Written by Girish Karnad Directed by @arundhatiraja . Featuring: Harish Sheshadri, Ankur Kela, Siddarth Saxena, Bimal R. Satyan, Parthiv Shah, Ranvijay Pratap Singh, Kanchan Bhattacharyya, Roy Sinai, Jagdish Raja, Vivek Madan, Kshitija Jayanth, Sanjay Iyer, Rijul Ray, Swati De, Abhiijeet Ramakrishna Shetty, Vasundhara Das, Nikhil Bharadwaj. . Lighting Design: Arghya Lahiri . Girish Karnad weaves all this into a story embellished from a notebook discovered in Tipu’s room by the British after Tipu’s defeat. A book in which the Tiger of Mysore recorded his dreams, the most compelling one being of a united India to oust the British – 250 years before we finally managed to do it! . First performed in 2004 the play was highly acclaimed. The figure of Tipu Sultan has continued to dominate Indian and British imagination for over two centuries, as the endless flow of scholarly works, ballads, plays and novels about his tempestuous life and tragic end testifies. What, however, is less well known is that this man, who spent a large part of his life on horseback, maintained a record of his dreams, which he kept concealed from his nearest associates. The Dreams of Tipu Sultan examines the inner life of this warrior, political visionary, and dreamer. The story follows the last days as well as the historic moments in the life of the Ruler of Mysore, Tipu Sultan, through the eyes of an Indian court historian and a British Oriental scholar. . . . . . . . #throwback #flashbackfriday #flashback #bangalore #india #theatre #theatrelife #theatrekid #stage #productionhouse #history #indianhistory #india #culture #historic
#5 of 30: The Invisible River Oct 2012 . Written by @gautamraja Directed by Vivek Madan . Featuring: Anumeha Fatehpuria, Aryan Jagtap, Sachin Gurjale, Jimmy Xavier, Archana Srivatsan and Poile Sengupta. . The first run of the show was directed by Ruchika Chanana and featured Pritham Kumar, Sukhita Aiyar, Harish Seshadri, Veena Appiah and Joshua Saldanha . The Ganga: Key to the hearts of 80 % of India’s population. A goddess revered, a goddess defiled. Does science always oppose religion? Is there a scientific basis for the sacredness of the river Ganges? If so, what would the politico-religious nexus do with this information? A colourful cast of characters including a self-promoting priest, a scheming politician and a canny street urchin reveals that in India, everything is interconnected, and nothing is as simple as it seems. . When Uma, a young scientist from Bangalore, arrives in Allahabad to investigate the possibility that the Ganga could be a starting point of a new era of disease eradication, she sets off a ripple effect that impacts the lives of several people. Dr. Ajay, a government doctor and staunch believer in cleaning up the river, represents the conventional wisdom of the medical profession entangled with his personal demons—a mother obsessed with religion, dying slum children, and a government that just doesn’t care. . . . . . . . . #throwback #flashbackfriday #flashback #bangalore #india #theatre #theatrelife #theatrekid #stage #productionhouse
#4 of 30: Twist of Lime March 2012 . Written by Anita Nair Directed by Vivek Madan . Featuring: Vandana Prabhu, Padmaja Nagarur, Rahul George, @mirchirjjimmy , Shobita Mampilly, @rijulray, @polka.photos Stage Manager: @pazz.shan Lighting design: Arghya Lahiri . Bestselling author Anita Nair, adapts three of her short stories for the stage, tying them together with a thread of irony that will make you laugh and wince, all at once. Sushil and the Maybe Virgin Half a Sin Trespass . . . . . . . #throwback #flashbackfriday #flashback #bangalore #india #theatre #theatrelife #theatrekid #stage #productionhouse
#3 of 30: Lysistrata (Dec 2011) . This post is a dedication to the director Jeff Teare, who is no longer with us. Here's to you, Jeff! . Swipe right for a behind the scenes look at rehearsals, warms ups and costume design! . Part of the first Jagriti Season, Lysistrata is a modern Indian adaptation of one of the few surviving plays written by Aristophanes, and originally performed in classical Athens in 411 BC, this is a comic account of one woman’s extraordinary mission to end the Peloponnesian War. . . . . . . . . #throwback #flashbackfriday #flashback #bangalore #india #theatre #theatrelife #theatrekid #stage #productionhouse #whitefield #igersofbangalore #blr #instagood

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