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This CERTIFICATE is a DISTINCTIVE Passport to anywhere. Attach it to your CV and doors to the English speaking will fling open. It means you can speak, listen and understand English to a world standard.

We have had visiting examiners from Trinity College London for 16 years (since 2000) examining more than 3,000 students. We have met about 20 of them, a few on more than one visit – which has been a special pleasure.

Trinity examiners are a breed apart. Even after days of exams – examining as many as 25 to 40 students each day – they are as cheerful and welcoming at 4.30 in the afternoon as they were at 9.30 that morning. And they arrive the next day and the next smiling and hearty: “The candidate must be at ease.” is their constant concern.

The candidate can help by keeping to time. In fact, the Appointment Slip asks students to be at the exam 15 minutes BEFORE the start. The syllabus is very clear giving the total time for each grade and an indication of duration for each task or a set of tasks. Teachers, parents and candidates, please time the pieces to fit. Some examiners do overrun time because they are loath to stop a recitation in full flow and will allow the child to finish. Teachers, allow for hesitation, nervousness, butterflies in the tummy, that first-time students may be prone to! And remember that a continuing time overrun will extend overall time and students in the queue may get impatient and distracted.




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Jagriti a theatre space in Bangalore, also has a production​ company. Before Jagriti, Mr Jagdish Raja and Mrs. Arundhati Raja cofounded ART, Artistes Repertory Theatre and the plays that have been staged since the start have been plentiful. Here are a few, you can look at them, in person, on your way in at the Foyer at Jagriti 
#theatre #drama #liveperformance #Stage #plays
#cactusflower #amidsummernightsdream #proof #sunshineboys #theglassmenagerie #oneflewoverthecuckoosnest
#fabulatantra #rainmaker #theinvisibleriver
#valleysong #whosafraidofvirginiawoolf A play for kids, Panchtantra Retold, was staged at Jagriti over the past two weekends and was very well received by Adults and future theatre aficionados.
#theatre #Drama #jagrititheatre #Jagriti #kids #bangalore #Panchatantra # A kids play that brings the #Panchatantra Classics back to Bangalore Critically Acclaimed Adishakti's Brhannala returns to the stage in Bangalore at Jagriti Theatre after 2008.
Get your tickets now! --> #theatres #theatre #jagrititheatre #jagriti #drama Jagriti wishes all a Happy World Theatre Day 
March 27th marks World Theatre Day.
Here is the Message for 2017 by Isabella Huppert, a theatre and cinema actress from France.
Click here for Past Messages and Authors

#Jagriti #WorldTheatreDay #IsabellaHuppert #GirishKarnad 
#theatre #performance #drama #Theatrelife #theatres #liveperformance The Jagriti stage lit up for Rabbit Hole.
Rebecca Spurgeon, Art Design has done fabulous job.
#Theatre #theatrelife #drama #acting #lighting #Live #perform #performance #Art #Jagriti

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