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Listen – One tip on Acting

A drama workshop trainer once asked me why I did drama and I replied: “It is one of the few team efforts where the total far exceeds the sum of its parts.” Script; director; designers of sets, costumes, lights, sound, properties and executives of these designs; production coordinator, stage manager, backstage crew; front-of-house ushers; box office in-charge, publicist, copywriter, visualiser, artist, printer; and, of course, the cast. Some gathering of talent and discipline. All bound together with two adhesives: teamwork and trust. The play opens and the audience is transported and responds, reacts, laughs, splutters and spurs you on. Its hot under the lights, the beard itches, the costume knots up, the shoes pinch. Your fellows on stage look at you and at one another – in character, always in character – but you can see through it in close up. You are up in the clouds, the audience is eating out of your hands. And the the applause is deafening. It has happened again. You have given the audience what they deserve, what they paid for and what they expected you would.

The great Laurence Olivier was asked in a radio interview if he could leave listeners, with a tip on acting. He said he could, he would in one word: “listen!” I have told my cast before they go on stage on opening night: “You have never uttered the words you are going to utter…and, most important, you have never heard the words you are going to hear.” I say the same thing on the next night and the next…this is after four to six weeks of rehearsal.

Theatre is playacting. Its what children do as soon they make social contact. Remember “cops and robbers”, “office, office”; “nurse and doctor”. You do? Good.

Jagdish Raja


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#tsuinntapak performs in Jagriti !. Here are a couple of images of them rehearsing at the theatre this morning. It’s exciting and something you shouldn’t miss ! Only 4 shows , tickets selling fast for this children’s play on
Tsuinn Tapak @ Jagriti. The onomatopoeic title captures the essence of the performance - which is to present children with quick moments that are joyful and thoughtful. Through a blend of sound, rhythm, music, movement, and blasts of 'magic', the performance will invite children to engage with, and learn from, a series of experiences - ranging from the manic to the calm, from din to silence, from the ordinary to the extraordinary. While avoiding the single narrative , the performance employs a non-linear structure, made up of short vignettes that transport the child to a world of diverse possibilities. Minimalist in its form, the performance is designed to travel and happen with minimum fuss. In other words, the production has simple props and is not dependant on technical requirements usually associated with performance. Duration : 60 mins Age limit : 4+ Ticket Price : 300/- Tickets selling real fast on :
#specialshoutout to Anusha Sarathy, interning at Jagriti! Before she heads off to College in the fall, Anusha is spending time at the Theatre - at rehearsal, reading scripts and engaging in many intense discussions on Design, Beckett, Politics and everything in between. She loves Acting and drinks gallons of tea, So she's very much at home here!
#MorningRaag . Morning Raag is an outdoor classical music concert that happens early in the morning at Lumbini. . It was a great pleasure to have Nishant Panicker(@nishantpmusic) at this edition of Morning Raag. . Seen are the images from the performance that happened last morning at 7:30am. . See you at the next edition of Morning Raag. . #concert #music #classicalmusic #morning #early #peacefull
@nishantpmusic performed at the Bangalore International Centre as a part of the thematic presentation Ritu Raga Rang: Seasons through Ragas. Come catch him live on Morning Raag tomorrow(Sunday). . Morning Raag is a classical music concert which takes place early in the morning (7:30am). 1 Show only. 16 June 2019, 7:30am at Lumbini. Limited Seating. . Link to Tickets in the description. . . #classicalmusic #music #musician #veena #classical #sitar #orchestra #raag #musicians #concert #classicalmusician #instamusic #morning #hindustani #love #composer #opera #viola #performance #singer #early #chambermusic #musica #photography # #art #musicianlife #strings #indianclassical #lumbini
@nishantpmusic sings a Dadra in Raag Khamaj as a part of the programme 'Guru Vatsalyam Shishya Sharanagati' conceptualised by guru Smt. Lalith J. Rao for the celebrations at Sri Chitrapur Math, Malleswaram, Bangalore. Come catch him live on Morning Raag this Sunday. . Morning Raag is a classical music concert which takes place early in the morning (7:30am). 1 Show only. 16 June 2019, 7:30am at Lumbini. Limited Seating. . Link to Tickets is in the bio! . . #classicalmusic #music #musician #veena #classical #sitar #orchestra #raag #musicians #concert #classicalmusician #instamusic #morning #hindustani #love #composer #opera #viola #performance #singer #early #chambermusic #musica #photography # #art #musicianlife #strings #indianclassical #lumbini

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